• All weather activity: Yes
  • Great for a personal challenge: Yes
  • Can be brought to your venue: Yes

Yoga is an ancient practise that is used to help maintain the well being of the mind and the body. It complements all of our outdoor pursuits activities by helping to relieve the tension that can develop in the body through physical exertion. It also supports the improvement of our; strength, flexibility, balance and endurance within our own physical fitness. This then enhances our performance within outdoor activities, whether it is being more flexible for a new climb, or having increased endurance for that long paddling trip
We have a qualified yoga instructor to take these sessions. The beauty of yoga is that it is very inclusive for the young as well as the old, all are welcome to come and gain the benefits!

About the teacher: Bhavesh Ramji

I firstly came to the practice of meditation at a young age through my parents, this practice helped me to keep a calm and focused mind but I had always been a very active person, love to be outdoors in nature. However lots of exercise without proper preparation of the body riddled me with stiffness. By my late 20’s I felt like an old man, with lower back hip and shoulder problems. I came to the realisation that actually my physical condition is very poor! On a mediation retreat back in 2013, I tried my first physical yoga class. Inspired by some of the wonderful position other students could get their bodies in. It was just what I needed, a physically active activity that has a perfect balance with experiencing peace. For the next few years I practised yoga intensely to free my body of it aliments. When the aspiration of become a teacher came. I wanted to learn from the origins of where yoga began, India. Trained in hatha yoga in Rishikesh , also known as the world capital of yoga.  It was a 4 month journey of a lifetime with lots of learning and development going on within my own personal practice and how it links to my practice of meditation. My main passion now is to show the benefits of yoga, both the mental and physical. As the body is programmed to work best with a peaceful mind, it’s when we go against this programming, physical problems happen within the body.

Styles of Yoga Classes available at Leicester outdoor Pursuits Cantre

When, where, how much?

Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre, in the Riverside Room, 6.30 til 8 pm.  £6 per session bring your own mats or hire one for only £1.

Minimum age


Maximum group size


Instructor ratio


Previous experience

 Suitable for beginners.  We can adapt the session to the participants.

Learning outcomes

Increasing muscle strength, flexibility and tone.  Improve respiration, energy and vitality.  Supports cardio and circulatory health.
Aids in weight reduction.  Maintaining a balanced metabolism.  Improves athletic performance and protection from injury.
Develop the minds ability to maintain calmness and peace when facing pressure and or stress. 

Typical session structure

Warm up, a few main postures and then a cool down.  Focus is on breathing and moving with the breath.  There will always be beginner poses with options to progress for those that want to.

What to wear

Comfortable gym clothing. Bring your own yoga mat or hire one for £1.

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