• Can accommodate multiple groups per session: Yes
  • Great for a team challenge: Yes
  • Involves water: Yes

Building your own boat out of rope, wood and barrels is something everybody should have a go at

raft party paddling

Raft building is a great activity that has proven to be very popular over the years. The task is simple – design your raft, build it, float it and return to the riverbank. Typically your resources are barrels, ropes and wood. Once the raft is built you can test it out on the water, have a paddle and play some games.

We have three types of Raft Building sessions, pick the one that suits you.

Raft Building Party

With less emphasis on teamwork and creativity - we'll use quick easy designs to get the rafts built as soon as possible and get on the water. We'll then aim to play some games, setting some challenges and just have lots of fun on the water.

Your group can build more than one raft but paddling them at the same time is at the Instructor's discretion. The group can play a variety of games from balance exercises to races, from mission impossible to pirates.

Perfect for children's birthdays, but why only let the kids have fun, it's great for stag and hen parties too!

Raft Building - Schools and Teams

When it comes to practicing teamwork Raft Build can be a great tool for bringing out cooperation and communication between team mates. This version of Raft Build is more based around that interaction - spending more time building the raft and working together. As with the party once it is built, then it's time to take it out on the water for a test ride, fun and games.

We tend to build a set design for this - if you want to build your design then have a look at Advanced Raft Build.

Raft Building - Advanced

Here you are pretty much left on your own. You will be given the resources - barrels, timber and rope, and then your team will have to plan and design your own raft. What innovative design will you create? Will the raft stay together? Will you be able to complete the challenges? How will your team work together?

The emphasis of this session is teamwork and the building of the raft. The activity can be a great platform for team building - planning, communication, supporting each other and problem solving. Although this will be very much your raft, an Instructor will be available to help steer and guide you where needed, such as teaching any relevant knots or for advice if teams hit a brick wall.

Perfect for companies on a team building day, or for young growing adult.

For our most recent price list for schools, youth groups and community organisations, please click here

Minimum age


Maximum group size


Instructor ratio


Previous experience

None required

Learning outcomes

Personal development:

  • Self reliance
  • Perseverance
  • Initiative
  • Problem solving

Social development:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Decision making

Fundamentals of sport:

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination

Typical session structure

The team will be given an overview of the task and challenges, outlining the equipment they have to use. Guidance will be given along the way teaching knots that will be useful when building the raft. The group will then work together to build and launch their raft before paddling it along the river and completing various challenges.

What to wear

Good weather – light weight clothing and shoes (trainers or wet suit shoes – not wellies or hiking boots). Remember sun cream and a hat when it’s sunny.

Poor weather – a number of layers of clothing with, if possible, a windproof jacket and fleece.

In case you go for a swim bring a change of footwear, spare clothes and shower kit including towel.

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