Archery is a very popular activity at Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre. It is slightly less physical than other activities, which already helps to make it more inclusive.

It can be done standing up or sitting down, which makes it very accessible for wheelchair users or other people with other mobility impairments, hence it being a Paralympics sport.


For indoor archery we have a wheelchair lift to help people into our sports hall.
disability access wheelchair lift
For our outdoor archery range we have a track that people can drive along to get there and back more easily.
disability road to archery range
And at the archery range we also have a compost toilet facility people can use to save them from having to drive all the way back.


Whatever difficulties you may have we can still tailor the session to your needs. Our experienced instructors can adapt the aims or choice of games depending on what is right for the group. Giving any extra assistance, only when needed.
archery coaching disability
This assistance can range from various coaching techniques and advice to physically helping them to pull back the string or hold the bow in place.

Grip Impairments

One particular way people may struggle with archery could be with gripping hold of the string and releasing. We have a couple of ways we help with this. We have a trigger system; this is a device that grabs the string, when you have pulled it back far enough a trigger system will then release the string shooting the arrow. The trigger can either be released by the archer or someone helping them. See picture below.
archery disability grip
And if people don’t wish to use this we can also simply use a cloth or any scrap material to wrap around the string and hold on to.
archery disability grip