The majority of the Terms and Conditions are the same as for Adventure Club bookings which can be found here, in addition the following clauses are also part of the Terms and Conditions for Go Canoeing Tour bookings:

We provide Canoe Tours in partnership with Canoe England, a division of British Canoeing (the governing body for canoeing in the United Kingdom). Canoe England provide certain oversight of the Canoe Tours We offer, and approve us to offer the Canoe Tours, but do not directly participate in the Canoe Tours We offer. 

1. Data Protection

1.1. We will use the personal information You give to Us to provide Your name, date of birth, postcode, gender and email address to Canoe England, a division of the British Canoeing, the governing body for canoeing in the United Kingdom which will be used by the British Canoeing as part of its statistical reporting;

1.2. This will be used for statistical reporting on Go Canoeing to support with monitoring participation. Personal data will be used only in accordance with the BCU’s notification under the Data Protection Act 1998 and in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Your contact details will not be passed to third parties without your consent.

2. Rules and Behaviour

2.1. Consumption of alcohol on Site or during a Canoe Tour is only allowed with Our consent and in places We specify. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol at the start of the Booked Canoe Tour will not be permitted to take part in the Booked Canoe Tour (or any part thereof). Certain Canoe Tours may include an opportunity for adults to consume modest amounts of alcohol at designated locations during the Canoe Tour, but all Participants must ensure that they are not materially influenced or impaired as a result of such consumption and must comply with the directions of the Instructor in respect of such consumption. If the Instructor considers that any individual is materially impaired or influenced by alcohol, or otherwise considers that they may endanger the safety of themselves or others, then the Instructor may prevent the Participant from continuing to participate in the Canoe Tour and We will not have any liability for making alternative arrangements. Young People must not consume alcohol at all. 

2.2. If We think (in Our absolute discretion) a Participant is: save to the limited extent permitted by clause 2.1, under the influence of alcohol or any other drug (whether illegal or legal), that Participant (or Your Group as a whole, if applicable) may be prevented by Us from participating (or participating further) in the Booked Canoe Tour (in whole or part) and may be required by Us to leave the Site immediately. In such circumstances We will not be liable for reimbursing the cost of Your Booked Canoe Tour (in whole or part) or contributing to any expenses You may incur in making alternative arrangements.