Complete challenges, earn activity dollars. Spend your dollars on resources to complete the final challenge.
Special Packages

The format of this package is for groups to earn LOPC Dollars by completing challenges. The challenges can be set in various activities, e.g. Canoeing, Raft Building, Climbing, Crate Stacking, Problem Solving etc. Once the activities are over the groups count up their LOPC Dollars in preparation for the final challenge.

Choice of final challenges include:

  • Water Balloon Launcher
  • Egg race
  • Raft Build
  • Chariot Race
  • Trebuchet (one team only)
  • Three element relay race

A typical day plan would be as follows:


  • Encourage teamwork through fun competition

  • Allow staff to get to know each other

  • Facilitate interaction away from the work place

  • Promote communication and discussion



9:00am Arrivals, tea, coffee and breakfast buffet
9:30am Briefing for the day
9:45am Activity 1
11:15am Break
11:30am Activity 2
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Activity 3
3:00pm Break
3:15pm Final Challenge
4:45pm Awards, Presentation
5:00pm Finish


Land to Water – complete challenges in Problem Solving, Crate Stacking and Canoeing then spend the LOPC dollars on building a raft in a Raft Building Challenge. .

Sky High – complete challenges in Aerial Trekking, Crate Stacking and Jacob’s Ladder then spend the LOPC dollars on a challenge to protect an egg falling from the top of the high ropes course and preventing it from splitting open.

Water Balloon Madness – complete challenges in Canoeing, Raft Building and Liquid Challenge then spend the LOPC dollars on building a water balloon launcher for a challenge to see who can launch their water balloon the furthest, or possibly even use them on each other?