How competitive are your team? Race across the heart of Leicestershire with our GPS Quiz

This activity is great for a team that really wants to get active, compete against each other and learn a bit more about using a great piece of technology.

Typically we can run this as a half day or you can combine it with other activities such as orienteering to make it a full day out. 

We will start with a session learning how to use the GPS units, practicing with the different coordinates and following the device to find hidden markers around our site. Once you're familiar with how it all works we then go out for a big race.

We will drop you off at undisclosed locations with a list of coordinates that have corresponding questions. Your task is simple, head to each coordinate where you'll be able to answer the corresponding question. The final coordinates lead you back to the centre. You will need to hurry because your race is against all the other teams.

Groups can compete as either pairs or individuals. We can run this as a competitive race or simply a fun challenge. The distance is approximately 7km. so can last between 1 and 2 hours.