A really popular day we’ve delivered for a lot of organisations.
raft teamwork dream work
Choose from a selection of activities, during those activities teams can earn points, these can be based on specific challenges: communication, leadership, cooperation, team support. At the end of the day we will then get everyone back together for one big challenge competing with one another. Points are tallied up and then prizes can be given out.

Activities we would recommend include:

• Raft Building
• Bridge Building
• Canoeing
• Bell Boating
• Problem Solving
• Liquid Challenge
• Climbing
• Crate Stacking
• High All Aboard
• Jacob’s Ladder

As part of the package our instructors can work with groups to help them review aspects of their teamwork and improve how they work together.

An example of how we used this in the past was our Crash, Dash, Lash and then make a Splash Challenge. For this challenge points were scored on Archery, Crate Stacking and building a raft, then the finale was a raft race where the participants had to race the rafts they had built.

See below a typical plan for this day:

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  • Encourage teamwork through fun competition

  • Allow staff to get to know each other

  • Facilitate interaction away from the work place

  • Promote communication and discussion


9:00am Arrivals, tea, coffee and breakfast buffet
9:30am Briefing for the day
9:45am Activity 1 (archery, crate stack or raft build)
11:15am Break
11:30am Activity 2 (archery, crate stack or raft build)
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Activity 3 (archery, crate stack or raft build)
3:00pm Break
3:15pm Raft Race
4:00pm Awards and Presentation
4:30pm Finish

Key Points

  • Activities recommended include: raft building bridge building, canoeing, bell boating, problem solving, liquid challenge climbing crate stacking, high all aboard, and Jacob’s ladder
  • Awards/ Medals can be given out to individuals and teams
  • Finale would be recommended as a raft race but other activities/challenges can be set up.