Ideal for graduates but great for any team.

Would your staff be able to deal with our unique approach to the TV series Dragon's Den? We have put together a simple format for your team to have a go and see how they would cope  with sweating it out in the boardroom - presenting their idea to our very own Dragons. In the spirit of our outdoor adventure ethos we'll give your staff the opportunity to participate in one of our activities before setting off to produce a presentation for their business idea that will set Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre above its competitors.

Once all the pressure is over and presentations are done the groups can celebrate on one of our activities before we announce the winning team. Key aspects of the day include:

  • Research skills learning about the outdoor pursuits industry and Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre
  • Teamwork skills including managing a project and delegating keys tasks and roles within the team
  • Cooperation and communication bringing together different contributions to a final outcome
  • Presentation skills and keeping to a specific brief

A typical package would be as follows:

corporate dragons den


Your job is to come up with a new activity or enterprise for the Centre.. Key points to consider:

  • Creativity
  • Safety
  • Profitable
  • In keeping with the Centre's ethos

Presentations needs to last no more than 10 minutes allowing a further 5 minutes for the Dragons to ask questions.


Time Details
9:00am Arrivals – Tea, Coffee, Breakfast Buffet
9:30am Brief for the day and tour of the centre
10:30am 1 hour activity
11:30am Questions and Answers
11:45am Group work
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Questions and Answers
1:45pm Group Work
2:30pm Presentations
3:30pm 90 minute activity
5:00pm Debrief and Announcement
6:00pm Finish
dragons den

Key Points

 *Groups will use laptops to work on (either supplied by us or they can use their own). They can deliver a PowerPoint presentation but are warned to make it interesting. Groups are also given flipchart paper and pens. An Instructor is there on standby should they want other items for their presentations i.e. activity equipment, art and craft materials etc.

 *Notes are allowed for the presentation and all group members must be involved – this will be part of the assessment.