Begin your journey to become an effective leader


Leadership is an important quality for anybody who is in a role that requires them to manage a team of individuals. Whether those individuals are colleagues or customers; how you behave as a leader will have a dramatic influence on the behaviour of that team. This means making choices about what kind of leader you want to be and then having the fortitude to put that into practice. On this introduction you'll develop a basic understanding of those principles and have an opportunity to them to apply them in set challenges.

This is ideal for a team of graduates or new managers or supervisors to start them off on the right foot.

raft leading


  • Empower colleagues to step up and practice their leadership skills
  • Gain a basic understanding of what it is to be a good leader
  • Reflect on your own leadership skills and consider your strengths and weaknesses as a leader


9:00am Arrivals, tea, coffee breakfast buffet
9:30am Setting the scene – goals and objectives for the day
9:45am Ice Breakers – with links to leadership
10:15am Classroom - qualities of a good leader and leadership styles
11:15am Problem Solving – alternating leaders
12:45pm Debrief
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Classroom - John Adair Action Centred Leadership
1:45pm Raft and Bridge Building Challenge
4:30pm Review of activities
5:00pm Finish
raft leader

Key Points

*Morning activities will be based around earning resources for the afternoon activities.

*Raft and Bridge Building to be split into segments whereby a leader will hand over to another leader at each step.

  1. Groups will be given a budget; resources will be auctioned off with a chance to purchase additional resources with remaining budget.
  2. Groups will be given the task to build a raft with the resources they have.
  3. Once the raft is built a series of tasks will be given.
  4. Rafts are stripped down and the groups are given the task to build bridges to retrieve an object.
  5. Groups come together and are co-lead to build a giant raft for the whole group.

*Activities to be adapted depending on group sizes, ideal group is 8

*Individuals will gain feedback on their leadership qualities and what they can do to improve their ability to lead.