corporate booking strategy meetings

Is your business thinking about the future and where you’re going next? Planning ahead is important to any business, and now could be a good time to look ahead at where you’re heading and where you want to take your organisation. We have a simple format that can help you strategize effectively leading to a bright future for your company. The following makes a good format for the day:


  • Work together to outline a clear vision for next year.
  • Boost morale – celebrating success and allowing time for social interaction away from the workplace.
  • Reflection on previous year, learning lessons from previous experience.


9:00am Arrival – tea, coffee and breakfast buffet
9:30am Ice breaker activities, stimulate everyone into action and prepare them for the day
10:00am Meeting room, set out the day and look back on the previous year
11:00am Team building activities
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Strategy meeting, planning out next year
3:00pm Fun activity to finish on a high
4:30pm Finish

Key Points

  • Ice breakers provide a great way to set an energetic tone for the day.
  • Team building activities allow people to interact and work with each other outside their usual work environment, helping to build greater understanding and stronger relationships.
  • Transfer the positive atmosphere from the activities to the meeting, enabling an increase in productivity.
This is a template setting out what you could do at the centre but essentially we can make the day fit around you. Getting away from the workplace can be majorly beneficial for your team as the break from the norm can inspire your colleagues and motivate them to become more creative and innovative, when setting out strategies for the future this could prove to be a worthy investment!