Fear of failure can be a major barrier in any workforce, preventing your staff from reaching their full potential. We want to tackle that!

team confidence corporate

Sometimes you may feel your team needs a boost in self-confidence and self-belief. We certainly know that people who are more confident will be more willing to try new things and take on new challenges.

Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre can bring unique challenges with the use of our high ropes course, local river and paddle sport equipment, or go further by getting out into the mountains and completely out of your comfort zone. By overcoming these challenges and achieving, your team can learn more about themselves and their capabilities.

We will look at the achievements made on the activities, how your colleagues viewed those challenges and how they feel about them after. We can relate this to their job role, helping them view challenges in a more positive way and essentially become stronger resources in your team.

comfort to stretch zone corporate

Part of the training involves looking at comfort and stretch zones. We use the concept to help us understand when we are being challenged, what effect that has on us and how we can use those challenges to help us develop as individuals. We will be looking at stretch zones in our activities and then relating to how we come across them in the work place.

A possible day would look like the following:


  • Undertake activities and be involved in scenarios that take participants away from “the norm”.

  • Overcome various outdoor activity challenges.

  • Reflect on successes and translate to the workplace.



9:00am Arrivals, tea, coffee and breakfast buffet.
10:00am Setting the scene, looking at goals and objectives for the day
10:15am Ice Breakers – exercises designed to start challenging participants to do things they wouldn’t normally do, putting them in their stretch zone.
10:45am Classroom, learning about stretch zones
11:15am First high ropes session
1:15pm Debrief – lessons learned
1:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Second high ropes session
4:00pm Review of the afternoon session including the Self-Reflection Iceberg Model
4:30pm Lessons learned and how this can be applied to the workplace.
5:00pm Finish

Key Points

*Ice Breakers will stretch comfort zones socially.

*Stretch zones give the group a reference to how much they are pushing themselves and help to understand why they should do this.

*Activities should be based on group’s previous experience and can be adapted accordingly.