corporate team building
corporate team building

Sometimes a company recognises its employees need a chance to get together and learn more about each other and develop to become a better team. A happy team working together effectively can easily increase its productivity which inevitably helps the organisation to reach its goals.

As part of your bespoke package we can offer a half hour programme of Icebreaking activities. These can be useful to set the tone for the day’s activities, diffuse any apprehension, break down hierarchical barriers and get the team into a responsive mood. We offer a range of short, fun, low impact challenges suitable for all ages and abilities.

corporate team building

LOPC have a list of activities designed to encourage groups to communicate together, co-operate with each other, trust and support each other. All significant factors in effective teamwork.

Activities we recommend for team building include:

Multi Activity Problem Solving

Crate Stacking

High All Aboard

Jacob's Ladder

Raft Building


Bell Boating


Liquid Challenge



Aerial Trekking & Powerfan

SUP Mega Board

Bridge Building