Paddle sports is a great way to develop balance within the body while being in a boat. It is also a great upper body workout that develops muscular endurance with and emphasis on a cardio, engaging all the core upper body muscles. Developing strength and flexibility. There are 2 types boats to choose from


A canoe can be paddled as a tandem or solo with a single bladed paddle. A great opportunity to build river confidence and have fun with a partner in a boat, setting a paddling pace, Can you keep up with your partner?


A Kayak is a smaller boat generally paddled solo but we can provide this as a tandem too. You also have the option to have a closed cock pit kayak or an open sit on top kayak, kayaks are mainly paddled with a double bladed paddle.

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Minimum age


Maximum group size


Instructor ratio


Previous experience

No previous experience needed.

Typical session structure

Introduction to the activity, talk about aims of the session

Get safety kit, canoes and paddles

Safety brief and explanation of how to paddle

Warm up

Get on the river

Go for a paddle - get used to paddling the canoes

Play paddle games and learn any further paddle strokes

Practice and paddle more of the river

Get back, put kit away and debrief

*Note, session can be adapted to suit needs and ability

What to wear