Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) yoga. SUP yoga is taking a transitional yoga session out on the water, here the paddle board becomes your new yoga mat!! This challenges our balancing, to improve concentration by using the feedback from the board to help engage muscles to strengthen the body. Yoga is an ancient practice that supports all active people, blending this with being outside in nature will aid in creating a greater sense of mindfulness and peace.

The benefits of yoga are:

  • Increasing flexibility, muscle strength and tone.
  • Improving respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Supporting cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improving athletic performance and Prevention from injury.

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Minimum age


Maximum group size


Instructor ratio


Previous experience

None required, the session will be at a beginner level, all are welcome to come and have a go.  

Learning outcomes

Developing mindfulness, balance, strength and flexibility.  

Typical session structure
  • Board confidence exercises 
  • Warm up sequence
  • 2/3 Master postures
  • Cool down sequence

What to wear

Comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Bring a spare change of clothing, just in case, you might go for a swim!