Looking for a new break away? 

Spend a weekend with LOPC on our Paddle and Camp Adventure

Meander along the River Soar, using a Canoe or SUP*, and lose yourself in the wonderful natural environment. Paddle amongst local wildlife and Narrowboats - keeping an eye out for Herons and maybe even a Red Kite!

Perfect for those looking for a break away from busy life

*Craft may vary depending on availability

An Outline of Your Experience:

Day One: 

Meet at LOPC in the morning, and prepare for the journey ahead! This will involve packing items into barrels, or drybags* - space however is limited. Pack only what you will need on this awesome adventure, as you will have to carry your kit in your boat

We'll spend the rest of the day Canoeing or Paddleboarding**, well into the afternoon. Stop along the way for a scenic lunch, drinks and snacks - with plenty of photo opportunities. 

Toilet facilities are limited while journeying - you may need to go to the loo like a true adventurer!

Optional Opportunity: Stop at the pub for a break and a drink along the way!

We'll arrive at our exclusive campsite - accessible only by water - and set up camp. This will be a team effort, and we'll make things cosy and ready for the evening. 

Settle into the evening with some lovely BBQ food, served next to the fire. We'll bring the BBQ Food, although you may want some cold drinks and snacks to go with it!

LOPC will provide the tents (but you can bring your own if you want!), sleeping bags (please bring a liner!) and mats (foam). 

If the weather is nice, you may prefer to sleep under the stars - whatever you choose, it will be worth it!

Day Two:

Wake in the morning to the beauty of the River Soar. Enjoy breakfast overlooking the waterfront, taking a moment to absorb the experience. 

Pack away camp and load the boats, before continuing on the final stretch of the journey. Today will be a shorter paddle, but no less wonderful

Enjoy lunch, and take some final pictures before landing at the finish point. We'll then load the boats onto our trailer, and the kit into our minibus, before heading back LOPC.

Say goodbye to your Guide(s), and take away memories that will last a lifetime!

*Craft depending on availability

**Drybags not included - some available for additional rental fee - must be booked in advance

Included in your experience:

Camping Equipment (Tent, Sleeping Bag and Mat - please bring a sleeping bag liner)

Boat, Paddle, Buoyancy Aid

Use of an exclusive campsite

Selected Meals:

Lunch, picnic style - Day One

Dinner - Day One

Breakfast and hot drinks, continental style - Day Two

Lunch, picnic style - Day Two

Drinking Water


Personal snacks and drinks

Sleeping bag liner - please bring one of these

Waterproof phone case 

Clothing, Shoes etc.

**Dry Bags - you will need to supply your own dry bag 

Age Requirements:

The minimum age for attendance is 10, though all those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All bookings must be made by an adult over the age of 18. 

There is no maximum age! Come and have some fun!

Family weekend: Dates specifically planned for families with children

Physical Requirements:

No paddling experience is necessary, though it is recommended you are physically fit enough to assist with the moving of kit, and putting up some tents! The length of the paddle on day one is quite long - expect to be paddling for around 5-6 hours of fun! The paddle on day two is shorter - expect to be off the water (but not back at LOPC) just after midday. 

If you are unsure, please do speak to us by emailing holiday@lopc.co.uk or calling 0116 268 1426

Solo Paddling:

You may be able to paddle a craft by yourself - please contact holiday@lopc.co.uk if you would prefer to do this. This is on a first come, first serve basis. 

We may raft boats depending on conditions

Facilities Description:

The exclusive campsite has basic but cosy facilities: a toilet and shower (caravan style), a washing-up station, a BBQ pit, and a fire pit. There are also USB phone charging points but please bring your wire. 

While paddling, it is often the case that no "man-made" toilets are available and you will have to go to the loo behind a bush. Depending on time, you may be able to nip into a local pub and ask to use their facilities, but this is often unlikely. A proper adventure!

Dates for 2022:

25th June and 26th June 2022

2nd July and 3rd July 2022 

16th July and 17th July 2022

20th August and 21st August 2022

Cost, inclusive of all from the "included" list above: 

Solo Sleeper Pass (One person, you'll get a tent to yourself) - £110pp

Ready Adventurer Pass (One person, you know others' going and don't need a solo tent) - £105pp

Mini Adventurer Pass (One person, aged 10-16 and accomopanied by an adult) - £85


Upon booking, a non-refundable 25% deposit is required with the final balance due before the date of your adventure. All are payable and trackable online. 

All trips require a minimum of four participants to go ahead. 


If you wish to cancel within 15 days prior of the commencement of the trip, you would not be eligible for a refund for the total cost paid. 

If you cancel more than 15 days prior to the commencement of the relevant scheme, you will not be liable for the remaining balance but would not receive the deposit payment back. 

If you have paid more than 25% of such total cost at the time you cancel, we will refund you the balance and retain an amount equal to 25% of the total cost of the relevant trip. If you have not paid 25% of such cost at the time you cancel, you will remain liable to pay the balance of that 25% to us.

At our discretion, we may permit you to transfer your credit to another booking. If no reason has been given for your missed attendance you will be liable to pay for the trip in full.  For Covid-positive cancellations, please provide proof of positive test for each affected participant. 

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