Here at LOPC we offer a wide range of activities that can be linked to various areas of the curriculum and offer enrichment days to your class.  Please visit the relevant Key Stage page for more information.
We also offer established programmes in Forest Schools for all ages, and the KS2 Stone Age history topic, detailed below.

Also - please visit our Expedition Experience page, where we can provide a great adventure and valuable learning experiences to KS2 pupils.

The quality of writing that the children produced after their visits was fantastic, their vocabulary choices in particular stood out. Class teachers and some visiting Ofsted inspectors, commented on the quality of the work.

Gita Patel (Head Teacher) Shenton Primary School

I hope we can do more projects at LOPC. The staff were humorous, encouraging and patient giving a brilliant experience for all the children involved.

Nik Dean (Teacher) Medway School

We were thrilled with the opportunities our children had on the recent initiative at the LOPC.

Sara McAdam (Deputy Head Teacher) Willowbrook Primary School