I hope we can do more projects at LOPC. The staff were humorous, encouraging and patient giving a brilliant experience for all the children involved.

Nik Dean (Teacher) Medway School

Whilst Outdoor Adventurous Activities are not part of the curriculum at key stage 1, we appreciate the value in using them to enhance learning across a broad spectrum of subjects. Using practical application can really bring added value, understanding and meaning to learning that is reinforced in the classroom.

Young people are able to develop personal and social skills on a steeper learning curve through the impact of outdoor education– a heightened sense of fear and managing perceived risks as a team creates an environment where mutual support helps individuals to achieve. Individuals become more aware of their own capabilities through goal setting and reviewing performance.

There are a number of activities that are accessible at Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre, delivered by our staff, that can be linked to the national curriculum. It is by no means an exhaustive list; if you have any ideas of additional links we would be happy to liaise with you to establish how best to cover this and to deliver it. 

English – “We’re going on a bear hunt” linked scavenger hunt, journey and art work

Mathematics- Climbing session measuring speed of climbers and estimating fractions of the distance up the wall (year 1), or orienteering, identifying turns and shapes on the ground

Science- Environmental studies exploring and investigating a variety of habitats

Physical Education- Innate in our range of exciting sports as an alternative to mainstream PE provision

Geography- Orienteering covering compass directions and map features