What can be covered at LOPC? 

Pupils should be taught:

 listening to and discussing a wide range of poems, stories and non-fiction at a level beyond that at which they can read independently - being encouraged to link what they read or hear read to their own experiences - becoming very familiar with key stories, fairy stories and traditional tales, retelling them and considering their particular characteristics - recognising and joining in with predictable phrases saying out loud what they are going to write about - composing a sentence orally before writing it - sequencing sentences to form short narratives - re-reading what they have written to check that it makes sense.

How can we achieve this?

 A special session that involves a walk around our site based on the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. During the walk, the pupils will experience many of the environmental conditions mentioned in the book (though we’re not going through the river, and hopefully no snow storms or caves!). During the adventure, the children will collect small ‘momentos’ from the journey, such as leaves, twigs, buds etc, to create a collage of the bear . They will also come up with their own descriptive sentences of where they’ve been, which can be pulled together as a group either back in school or in our clubroom as their own bear hunt story.

 An activity session or series of sessions linked to The Gruffalo. Children will take part in a selection of activities from the following: build a nest for the owl, play ‘snake and mouse’, create their own scary character from natural materials and write a descriptive passage about it, make soup or tea on camping stoves (“dinner with a gruffalo”), scavenger hunt or bug hunt. Sessions linked to other books within your program of study can also be arranged- please contact us at education@lopc.co.uk for more information.