The quality of writing that the children produced after their visits was fantastic, their vocabulary choices in particular stood out. Class teachers and some visiting Ofsted inspectors, commented on the quality of the work.

Gita Patel (Head Teacher) Shenton Primary School

What can be covered at LOPC? 

Pupils have the opportunity to take part in activities that challenge and excite them. Writing about these experiences can provide inspiration for pupils, and encourage them to use an extended vocabulary and try out different connectives. We can provide worksheets to support writing in different formats: from planning and creating a news report about the high ropes course, to writing a set of instructions on how to assemble and use a camping stove and using persuasive writing to advertise a succulent meal. 

The planned, outdoor learning sessions below are designed to boost literacy levels ahead of year 6 SATS.  A tailored programme can be made to meet the needs of your students. From a session once a week in term-time to a week-long programme during the school holidays.  Our sessions are planned with you and are aimed to  directly link to the Key Stage 2 curriculum. They are delivered alongside your staff using a balance of  classroom time and outdoor activity time.

Team Building – Understand and experience the fundamental skills required to be part of an effective team and express what each skill means to you.

Cook a meal Outdoors — Learn how outdoor cooking equipment works and write a set of instructions for how to use it. Choose a meal to cook, work out the quantities required for the group, and write an advert for your chosen meal.

Aerial Trekking — Developing  personal presentation skills by writing a newspaper article or presenting a video report on the benefits of a high ropes course including interviewing members of LOPC staff. 

Raft Building — learn about different knots and their uses, explain this then design and build a raft to try on the river.