We are proud to offer a great opportunity for an overnight challenge for your group. This is an ideal programme for encouraging young people to take responsibility for themselves and is therefore ideal for assisting pupils to prepare for a change such as the transition from one school to another. The programme is also designed to develop maths and English skills, through a series of written and verbal tasks that compliment the activities.

The three day programme builds things up gradually; we start with an introduction to canoeing, and estimating paddling speed of the group. Each team will then cover some basic camp-craft skills, learning how to put up a tent and creating their own instructions for using a camping stove. After a written review of the day pupils go home equipped with the knowledge of what they need to pack, and the ownership is on them to do this themselves (kit lists will be provided to parents in advance).

The second day will start with issuing equipment for each group for the expedition, then a session on nutrition and food selection before heading out in canoes for the start of the expedition. 
Students will paddle down the river, experiencing a real sense of teamwork and needing to support and encourage each other throughout the exciting journey to their campsite, where they will cook their own dinner on camping stoves. We usually enjoy an evening around the camp fire before bed, once the washing up is done!

Camp Expedition Outdoor Learning Curriculum Residential

Children having fun camping.

The final morning we will provide the group with breakfast before packing up camp and heading out on foot. The walk takes us through some beautiful Leicestershire countryside, following the canal. Students will complete a quiz along the way in their teams of up to 10 pupils; competing against other teams. The quiz requires the pupils to hunt for information about the history of the local area, learn about climate change through the Climate Change Trail in Watermead Park, and identify as many species of flora and fauna as possible (with some help from their instructors!).

The cost covers the three day package, including dinner on the second night, breakfast and lunch on the third day. Please contact the Bookings Team for a quote.

We feel we can offer a fantastic experience at great value for what may be for many children their 1st experience of many components of this package - camping, cooking, canoeing or even just being away from home.