Designed for Key stage 2 pupils, our Stone Age day helps schools deliver the new national curriculum for history as it requires pupils to learn about ‘stone age to iron age’. The day presents an opportunity for a cross curricular experience, bringing the stone age to life through exciting outdoor activities for your whole class.

The following is an example of some of the activities children can do during this enrichment day:

Learn about how Neolithic hunters used to catch their prey and the development of weapons to archery.
Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow - imagine trying to hit a moving target!
Keep scores with a tally chart
Create your own cave– style drawings on the walls.

Gather materials and learn ancient techniques to light fires using a flint and steel.
Weave bracelets from natural fibres.
Create a natural shelter using what you find around you.
Make charcoal which can be used for cave drawings.

The day will run as 2 x 2 hour session blocks, with an hour in between for lunch and a review of session one - whether it be writing about the experience, completing a worksheet, finishing off cave drawings etc.

The full day for 2 instructor led activities, resources created by LOPC and indoor space for classroom work is £27 per child.

For more information email Chris on: