The planned, outdoor learning sessions below are designed to boost numeracy levels ahead of year 6 SATS.  A tailored programme can be made to meet the needs of your students. From a session once a week in term-time to a week-long programme during the school holidays.  Our sessions are planned with you and are aimed to  directly link to the Key Stage 2 curriculum. They are delivered alongside your staff using a balance of  classroom time and outdoor activity time.

High Ropes – Take part in team high ropes challenges (Crate Stacking, High All Aboard and Jacob's Ladder) competing with other teams, workout your teams totals, average and the range of the your teams scores.   

Archery – Use tally charts to record scores in archery, calculate the percentages for the colours hit and present this in a pie chart.

Orienteering — Learn to read a map, use scale, navigate and use a compass. Race with your team around the site.

Leap of Faith — ascend the tall pole and take a leap of flying faith.  Then use 3 methods to workout the height of the pole. Find the range of the results and work out the most accurate method.

Climbing — Draw a scale drawing of the climbing tower and use it to calculate surface area. Set an aim and then be timed while  climbing up the wall. Find the average time of the team and present this information in a bar chart.

Raft Building — Build a raft and use it to measure the depth of the river at specific points to create a cross section of the river.