A variety of outdoor activities each week focusing on a different area of learning and development.

We are able to offer a varied programme of outdoor activities that help young people develop skills to help them in the next stage of their learning and through to the world of work.

Session 1 Introduction to the centre / course, ice breakers and team building

Discussion on the use of ice breakers at interviews, what would employers be looking for? What skills do we need to develop?

Why is team work important, and what use does it have in the workplace? Focusing on communication skills and co-operation and providing constructive feedback to others.

Session 2 Self-discovery

How reviewing and reflecting on your current skills allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, using archery and bush craft to link this to skill acquisition.

Session 3 Action planning

How strong organisational skills simplify tasks and maximise efficiency. Planning for activities within the session and ongoing development aims. Delivered through Crate Stack challenge.

Session 4 Dealing with stress

Learn about how working in your stretch zone can develop your self- confidence and allow you to learn more about yourself. Students will complete high ropes challenges on our Aerial Trek and Powerfan.

Session 5 Communication

Working in pairs within a larger group to improve communication skills whilst tackling the challenge of learning to paddle canoes. Transferring those communication skills to the Jacob Ladder.

Session 6 Handling criticism and Positive Framing

How to cope when things don’t go your way, turning negatives into positives, maintaining a professional manner and using determination to progress beyond the negative through the challenging art of fire lighting and learning bush craft skills.

Session on how to talk in a positive way and use reinforcing language to help boost self esteem.

Session 7 Trust and support

Looking at why trust and support are important factors in any workplace, and how these are essential for productivity and success, through trust exercises. Taking that new found trust and mutual support and putting it to the test on our Climbing Wall.

Session 8 Self-confidence and Presentation Skills
All students will have the opportunity to deliver and review presentations about what they have achieved.

The price is £95 for a 90 minute session or £170 for a 3 hour session for 8 people