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The Rock Skills Introduction course is your key to getting started! No previous experience of climbing is required to attend as the content of the course is aimed at beginners.

If you do have some experience of climbing but aren’t confident about using the equipment required, finding the crags, locating the routes you want to do and how to stay safe on the crag then the Rock Skills Introduction is an ideal way to learn.

Please note a one off registration through Mountain Training is required to access this Course. 

Register with Mountain Training

This is free for Under 18's, £20 for Adults.  This will gain you: 

  • access to all four Rock Skills courses with any approved provider.
  • Lifetime use of DLOG (the digital logbook) for recording all climbing related activities.
  • A certificate of attendance for each course attended.
  • A copy of New Rock Climbers (Adults Only).

Climbing on real rock

Real Rock Climbing

Sunday 5th May 2019- Tutor-  Chris Murnin

Saturday 1st June 2019- Tutor- Chris Murnin

What is covered during the course?

  • Background and Planning. An awareness of the types of places you can climb in the UK and Ireland, how to use guidebooks and mobile devices to find crags and routes, crag etiquette and the work of the mountaineering councils. 
  • Climbing Skills. Fundamental movement skills and climbing styles. 
  • Footwear and equipment selection and how to use the kit you choose. 
  • Technical Skills. Tying into a harness, belaying, spotting and how to abseil.
  • Environmental Knowledge. The impact of climbers at the crag, ethics, access and environmental considerations for climbers. 
  • Hazards and Emergency Procedures. Identifying hazards, managing risk, understanding common injuries, how to get help and the role of Mountain Rescue and associated emergency services.

Dates are still being arranged, please contact us and tell us you are interested in attending this course.

Minimum age


Maximum group size


Instructor ratio


Previous experience

None needed

Learning outcomes

    By the end of this course you can expect to:
    • Have covered the course content in a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment and classroom-style setting
    • Have climbed outside for a good proportion of the day on an appropriate crag;
    • Be in a strong position to take a climbing wall belay test; and Be ready to attend a Rock Skills Intermediate course.
    Progression after this course could involve gaining further climbing experience with friends or through a climbing club. A Rock Skills Intermediate course is the next step in the Rock Skills pathway.
    • As a Mountain Training accredited skills course, all participants will receive a completion certificate.

    Typical session structure
    One day climbing in the Peaks

    What to wear
    • Waterproofs (coat and trousers), we can provide upon request
    • Good footwear with ankle support
    • NO JEANS!

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