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There are many benefits of using us to provide the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, such as;

  • Highly experienced and qualified staff, who have a great enthusiasm and passion for the outdoors
  • We provide great facilities ranging from our 15 acres of land to our classrooms, as well as being able to provide equipment such as tents and rucksacks etc.
  • We can save you time and energy from your busy schedules
  • Mapped orienteering courses to make navigation training easier

We are offering Walking, Canoeing, sailing and Cycling at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.

As a DofE Leader, you can confidently recommend AAPs to your participants. The AAP licence is a quality standard on an organisation's programme, meeting the programme and sectional requirements of the DofE

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The prices are explained below in an easy to follow process.

Cost structure

Step 1:

Choose your desired training package
Cost per Group Cost per head
24 weeks of 2 hr. sessions £1625 £232
Weekends at 3 weeks of 8 hrs. £1125 £165
Weekends at 4 weeks of 6 hrs. £1200 £175
Non-direct entrant £265 £37.86
No training £0 £0

Training includes:

  • First aid and emergency procedures.
  • An awareness of risk and health & safety issues.
  • Navigation and route planning.
  • Campcraft, equipment and hygiene .
  • Food, cooking and safe use of stoves.
  • Countryside, highway and water sports safety codes (as appropriate).
  • Observation and recording.
  • Team building.
  • Proficiency in the mode of travel.

Navigation exercises in off-site areas will be completed to test the skills learnt.

Step 2:

Choose your expedition package and add your training package cost to this
Cost per group* Cost per person*
Bronze Walking Practice & Qualifier £2558 £365
Silver Walking Practice & Qualifier £3880 £554
Silver Canoe Practice & Qualifier £3990 £498
Gold Canoe Practice & Qualifier £5426 £678
Gold Walking Practice & Qualifier £5284 £754
* prices may change depending on requests and locations of venue

All packages include:

  • Supervision during practice and qualifying expeditions.
  • Minibus transport to and from expedition venues.
  • Camp fees.
  • Fuel for stoves.
  • Expedition assessments.

Step 3:

Choose any supplements you wish to have and add this to your chosen packages from step 1 & 2
Canoe as a supplement Prices vary depending what time of the year. 2 day paddling course is required.
Presentation as a supplement run and overseen by us £130
If not run by us then hourly room hire rate applies only £22