Course Description

What formal training is required?

None. Direct entry to assessment is available to those aged 16 or over who have valid first aid training (1 day) and Home Nation Association Membership.

Candidates will be responsible for making decisions about what preparation they need prior to assessment. Optional British Canoeing Paddlesport Leader Training courses will be available for those who wish to access them.

Preparation for Assessment (evening)

It is important that you take an active role in deciding the appropriate preparation, training and experience that you need prior to presenting yourself for assessment. Guidance is available to help you construct this personalised development journey and to assist you in making the judgement about presenting for assessment.


Paddlesport Leader Training (2 day)

This course typically covers leadership skills, and the associated personal skills, safety and rescue skills. As this training is delivered by British Canoeing Paddlesport Leader Providers, they will also be able to help you identify an appropriate action plan to support your progress towards a successful assessment. This is the comprehensive 2 day programme. You may also wish to consider supplementing this training with the following more specific British Canoeing courses for targeted development.

Paddlesport Leader Assessment (1 or 2 days)

In order to achieve the qualification you need to show competence in the following elements:

●        Participant focused leadership skills 

●        Personal paddling skills

●        Rescue skills

●        Underpinning background knowledge, understanding and experience   

The Paddlesport Leader Assessment is offered as either a single day or over 2 days with up to four candidates being assessed leading a group of paddlers in mixed craft in both wind affected and slow moving water environments.

The assessment needs to take place in conditions, whereby, the candidates are operating at the top of the remit. With the assessment running over two days there is a greater likelihood of these conditions being met. Should there be only two candidates and the conditions are right, this could be reduced to one day. Please be aware that because of the need to assess candidates at the top of their remit, often assessments have to be rearranged, we will work hard to prevent this.

Full details of the assessment criteria: ‘Paddlesport Leader Assessment Guidance’.

You would be welcome to bring a group of 3-6 paddlers to lead on the assessment day. Alternatively the Centre will arrange a group but you would need to give us suitable notice for this.

A meeting the evening before the assessment day will take place with the candidates to profile the group and plan the journey.

 Equipment - mixed fleet boats for both candidates and led students are available. Camping on site can be arranged.


Training Course - 10, 11 October 2022  

Assessment - 15, 16 October 2022

Further dates will be added later on in the year.

If you are unable to attend a course date listed, please email your details to 


£150 - 2 day Training course
£150  - Assessment course 


Prior to assessment you will need to register with British Canoeing (£39.00). You can do this online, via the British Canoeing Online Portal.  You will also need to fill in our personal information form.

Minimum age


Maximum group size


Instructor ratio


Previous experience

Prerequisites to Assessment

Membership and Registration

 Candidates must have registered on to the course with British Canoeing have the correct (on the water) membership status.

First Aid

 A valid (within 3 years) 1 day (8 hour) First Aid Award recognised by British Canoeing


Valid (within 3 years) Safeguarding Training recognised by British Canoeing 

Candidates must have registered for the award with British Canoeing prior to assessment.

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