Cost £44

When is it?

Saturday 6th July 10.00am to 12noon. Course tutor: TBC

Course Description

This course is designed specifically to get you able to roll a kayak. Rolling a kayak can be quite a complex manoeuvre made even more difficult by having to perform it under water. Therefore we have put together a course that will be purely focused on getting you to roll a kayak.

This course is best used as a follow on to the swimming pool course where by it’s time to try and implement the skills learned in the calmer controlled environment of a swimming pool out on the open water. Alternatively if you’re feeling confident you can chuck yourself right in and learn straight away on the river.

We will spend the time working on all the skills that link in with rolling, building up to trying to perform a roll at the end. We will try to give you as much feedback as possible to help you improve further after the course along with the option of a top up 90 minute session for just an extra £24.

Minimum age


Maximum group size


Instructor ratio


Previous experience

We would like to open this course to nearly all abilities. It could be you have never been taught to roll, never tried, you used to be able to roll and now you can’t or even if you can roll but think it needs improving or want to learn other ways to roll. A good indicator if this course is appropriate for you is you should about a two star level, being familiar with T – rescues and high brace support strokes. Ideally you may have completed the swimming pool course first and now ready to take the skills on to open water.

Please note this is not a course for beginners as the skills involved are of an intermediate level, it will be assumed you can already do things such as manoeuvre the boat accurately to where you want it and also hold an edge and lean the boat over with a degree of control.

Learning outcomes

We will try and tailor the course to your abilities; here is an example of some of the things we will be looking at as part of the course.

  • Support strokes (preventing the need to do a roll and ties in to rolling)

  • Correct body positioning

  • Keeping the blade at the surface of the water

  • Hip flicks

  • Hand rolling

  • C to C Roll

  • Setting up under water

  • Sweep rolls

  • Back Deck rolls

  • Rolling in moving water

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